Company social responsability

Company social responsability

vicarli fulfils the objectives of CRS

Vicarli has realized a diagnosis of CSR innovation, once evaluated the report and checking that it meets the objectives of aid for the promotion of the SR and the innovation methodology , has obtained the corresponding certification.


Vicarli is a partner of the JOSEP CARRERAS FOUNDATION against leukemia

 Link to our Organization is the greatest Act of social responsibility:
it is joining the fight for life.

After more than 25 years of work trying to improve the quality of life of patients and, above all, to achieve a definitive cure for leukemia, in 2010 the Josep Carreras Foundation decided to launch together with the public administration, a historic and unique project: the first European research centre exclusively focused on leukemia and other hematologic malignancies, and one of the only ones that exist in the world.

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Vicarli sponsors Iruña female volleyball team


Join an illusion! a movement of people who believe that we can move on from sport to social action. Our dream is to compete in the field being the mirror of all the women who are struggling to overcome the barriers that life has placed before them. Inspire them with our sports values, teamwork, overcoming the new challenges and the motivation of knowing that behind a defeat also is a victory if you are able to get up again. Our movement is supported in our Volley Clubs, but also in all the associations of help to women in Navarre, with whom we are in permanent contact and on which we base our social objectives. We know that associations, are the real engine of social conquests and we want to join to its positive action and selflessly.

We struggle to complete in the two leagues (social and sports)