Vicarli in the world




Services in Western Europe and Morocco


Full load
National and international transport
Dedicated distribution services
Specialists in JIT
Storage and management of stocks
Distribution. capillary delivery

Integrated logistics: global solutions

Procurement logistics

Purchasing management and planning
Transport of raw materials
Storage and handling systems
Packaging management
Raw materials picking storage
Raw material management

Production logistics

Delivery jobs
Operations between production lines
JIT processes

Storage Logistics

Stock management
Storage techniques
Picking Systems (manual, automatic, and mixed)
Packaging management

External logistics: (Outsourcing)

Control and management of the “supply chain”

Full and part load distribution
Centralized distribution (direct to the customer), decentralized (delegation)
Origin consolidation (groupage)/ deconsolidation (platform)
Capillary distribution
Mode: road, maritime, air, rail or mixed

Reverse logistics: integral waste management

Tailored projects

Services in Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile and the USA.

Comprehensive services for foreign trade:

Customs services

Customs clearance
Customs duty advice
Advice on logistics
Procedures, insurance and bonding
Maneuvers outside the port area
Auto Transportation
Consolidations and Deconsolidacions
Re-expedition of goods
Stores outside the port
Maritime,land and air freight

Maritime and air transport services

Tranportation of all types of goods
FCL and LCL services to any destination in the world
Insurance for goods and transport
Consolidation and deconsolidation at ports,borders and airports
Routes that garantee more capacity

Land transportation services

Full trucks and groupage
Services to load containerized, refrigerated load and oversized load
Personal Operative/Administrative 24 h localisable
24 h Monitoring
Tracking satellite to all units (in real time) during the transport of materials
Service of delivery “just” in time
Licenses and permits for the transportation of hazardous materials and waste and procedures for the transportation of explosives
Extensive experience and knowledge of the routes

Warehousing services

Distribution of orders in accordance with the customer’s instructions
Inventory control services
Loading and unloading maneuvers
Packing & crating
Habilitated space as a fiscal deposit
Warehouse insurance
UVA (verification units)
Security and surveillance

Special projects

Special transport logistics design
Customs clearance
Transport from factory to delivery
Specialized technical assistance
Management of proceedings